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all-natural washing-up liquid | French lavender 500 ml


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Craving a calm and tranquil dishwashing experience? Here comes our all-natural organic washing-up liquid fragranced with French lavender essential oil. Made with natural ingredients, it doesn't just smell fabulous, it is tough on stains (even the greasy ones!) and kind to skin!

Our washing-up liquid comes in a beautiful recycled glass amber bottle, making it an eye catcher in your kitchen – not something to hide under your sink.

Check also our eco-friendly refill pouches, giving extra life to your glass amber bottle. 

Our washing-up liquid comes packed in a beautiful gift box including a little bag with our favourite dried flowers. 

500 ml 

All-natural, fragranced with French lavender essential oil
Vegan and cruelty-free
100% hypoallergenic